Baby & Children’s Horoscopes

Children are unpredictable and it is not easy to delineate the personality. An adult learning, with education and experience, to manage their own nature and to keep it under control. Children, however, fully express all the characteristics of the sign, including nil. Each description of the Zodiac, aimed at the infant stage, you will find the quality and defects from which develops a personality. You can also read the tips to cope with large or small whims and the most appropriate toys for each sign. Astrology today is widely used, especially in the English-speaking community, to address the choice of studies, but it can also be used to detect and correct those features that as adults it is more difficult to rectify.

The childhood of this fire sign ruled by Mars is among the most roaring. Courage and affirmation capacity, which are found among adults of Aries, translate, in childhood, in whims and in a reckless attitude. The girls foot down whenever they can to impose its personality while males are Maneschi, aggressive, and they want to compete with classmates also larger. Real volcanoes in action, to be taken in the right direction so that they turn in the most sympathetic of the Zodiac.
Generous when you know how to ask them a pleasure, honest to a fault, capable of small vezzose coaxing, these little surprise ever. When it seems to have begun a whim without end, just moderate the harsh tone to make them react as “little angels”. Parents of small Aries you should choose carefully the toys: they must be entertaining but not hazardous materials because they tend to be injured due to the excess of exuberance. You can get slides and plastic or balance games, which are already of daredevils, harnesses and shoes to practice, from an early age, free climbing. At home, they remain quiet with creative games or pokemon factory, to shape, bake and color the personalities of the time. At school it is best to avoid overcrowded classes because they will tend to climb, more or less bloody, to earn the command post. Tempted the children of Aries to practice a sport: help them to dispose of the surplus of energy. When they grow oppose the motor: in their hands, will become a weapon improper!

This earth sign ruled by Venus, expresses its best qualities in childhood. Calm, placid, always smiling and willing to eat, sleep soundly and rarely wake up in the middle of the night. Girls are cuddly and crazy for animals with which tend to be possessive. Vain, they love beautiful clothes and pretend to choose what they wear. The children, pleasant and serene, are jealous of the mother who would not share with anyone. Even the father, in this field, is an enemy and therefore will retain the effusions in public with his wife. Are jealous even grandmothers, favorite aunts or cousins. Their best quality is the sweetness but they tend to laziness and therefore would need to be stimulated by their parents. It should also be checked for their goodies that could fatten them and, in fact, appreciate the Dolce Forno and all those minielettrodomestici that allow small chef improvise. They are refined and adapted to artistic toys like puzzles in three dimensions or the kit to create jewelry or cars. The girls will appreciate, in addition to the dolls, even a supercharged kitchen to imitate mom. Both are brought to the music and singing. You could direct them towards the study of an instrument or regalar their karaoke.

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