Aquarius Horoscope 2019 : an interesting year

As stated by https://Horoscopes.Guru , in 2019 aquarius will  love to relate and you dream of a better world more just. This will be your Glamor year 2019.

Sociable, eccentric and unpredictable. Bets for the individuality, for manifesting your differences, those that make you unique, in a world in which people tend to get confused among the masses. You love relating to them and leaving friends in your path, wherever you go, regardless of their age, status, sex or religion.

You are a friend of humanity and that is why you are very supportive. You dream of a better, fairer, more advanced world, and you have faith in the future. Your friends love your loyalty, your eyes lost in other worlds and your great capacity for understanding. In love you dream of someone who loves you as you are, and whom you can admire.

With Uranus by Regent, the energy of the Air element, the Fixed quality and the masculine principle, you are the Queen of freedom and originality, of ideas, organization and idealism in action. Your mission is to deliver these gifts to the world.

You like the most avant-garde trends in fashion and you dare with everything. In your closet you can find everything, even things that are not clothes.aquarius 2019 horoscope

Keys to conquer an Aquarius man

Independent and eccentric, try to be first and foremost a good friend who can be trusted, show him some quality of yours that he can admire and you will have planted the seeds of a possible Aquarian infatuation. Warning: try to be the first, because Aquarius will never forget your first great love. And remember that the best weapon of seduction is your self-esteem

  • Very compatible signs: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.
  • Compatible signs: Aries and Sagittarius.
  • You could feel a great attraction for your opposite Leo.


The areas of your anatomy that deserve more attention are the calves and ankles.

Pluto, from your House XII, will promote psychological work, in the sense that you review what gifts or talents you have not cultivated and give them a second chance; It will also be important that you review your past and free yourself from possible feelings of guilt. Think that you always acted the best you knew and forgive yourself.

Saturn, will also enter the same House, favoring that you shape and structure the inner work. These transits will be excellent for meditation and the encounter with spirituality. The long walks through nature, the forest baths, walking along the seashore, pampering yourself, giving yourself whims, disconnecting from work will be very positive. And to embroider the year, do you aim to change your life in 7 mantras? Your beauty 10 will be guaranteed.


!! Congratulations!! Jupiter, will go to the sector of your career to give you a magical impulse to achieve an extraordinary ascent, greater recognition and expansion, and good luck with all your projects. And if you have never dared, this will be the ideal year to allow you to leave your comfort zone successfully. If you are looking for a job, you will find the perfect position to develop your vocation and grow professionally.

Neptuno will continue in your House II so it will be convenient to take care of your finances, and to control everything related to your investments with care and attention, to avoid confusion or deception. And remember the words of Benjamin Franklin “Write something that is worth reading or doing something worth writing.”


Without major changes to highlight in love, it will be an excellent year to take advantage of the influence of Venus to feel more attractive, seduce and let you seduce. During the month of May, Venus will travel through your House V, favoring harmony, fun and that Cupid throws the odd arrow in the right direction. Get ready to collaborate with Eros and get ready to succeed in the appointments.

Between June and July, Venus, will walk through the sector of the couple, making the harmony reign and the desire to share unforgettable moments with your partner. Renew your lingerie and join the romance to overcome the holidays with a note. From May until November, Uranus will visit your House IV, so changes in the sector of your family or your home, may manifest suddenly. Possibilities to decide to move to a better house, or renovate your home with some reform. As Mark Twain said: “For Adam, paradise was where Eva was.”

Interesting facts about Aquarius

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the zodiac. It is led by the planet Uranus but also the planet Saturn. With a strong enough character and strong enough, Aquarius is not always a calm sign, it tends to steer, can play the stubborn and may not always be open to the unexpected. For some Aquarians, we will even find situations or behaviors with a hint of eccentricity. Strong character, personality sometimes disproportionate, the Aquarius hardly accepts the reproaches, the questioning and the discussions which do not go in its direction.

It has no half-measure, either it is completely open, pleasant and engaged, or conversely it can be closed, solitary, without great communication, it can even sometimes be downright absent and leave the entourage completely out of the way. Aquarius does not let himself be, he does not have his tongue in his pocket and when he has something to say he says it likes it or not, it must go out!

He is sometimes idealistic at the very edge of utopia, there are times when one can have the impression that Aquarius lives in his world with totally different ideas and ways of functioning, he is then in these cases It is extremely difficult to share with him, because this particular world belongs to him with codes and points of reference of his own. In love, as for the rest of his character, the Aquarius is very emotional, he can be very loving, very present, engaged, but he can also be completely in love indifference. He then expresses nothing and is no longer demonstrative with the person who shares his life.

He can deploy a lot and be a lover

He must always receive in return a security, a presence and almost a devotion without name and without limit. It is not always easy to share a love affair with an Aquarius who will often remain a mystery for his spouse. We do not always know how to do it, what may work one day will not necessarily work the next day. Nevertheless Aquarius is a faithful sign, when it is posed and invested somewhere it does not leave even if it is not fully bloomed, it is not ready so far to the adventure, it needs in love of security and landmarks. Aquarius can often search consciously or unconsciously for romantic relationships, some form of maternity, he needs cocooning,

he needs to be coaxed to feel once again a couple’s security and emotional security that is very important to him. Be careful, however, of the small habits of everyday life that can become real blockages and give him in the long run a difficulty to move, do new things and move forward. You will often find him a teenage character, most often you may be forced to take it in hand, direct it, or even channel it to avoid spending immeasurable energy for little.

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