Leo and Sagittarius – Characteristics & Personality Traits

Leo Horoscope
July 23-August 23
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Planet: Sun.
Color: Golden yellow
Stone: Diamond

When the Sun in its race in the Zodiac seems to enter the sign of Leo horoscope the crop is ready for harvest. Those born in this sign have a sunny nature, a full self-consciousness. They are brave (exaltation of Mars) and can achieve great things. Take pride in the relationships, partners are fascinating, lavish and often passionate. Wield the reins of the relationship. If their value is recognized, they can become a solid guide and help generously those who follow them. This makes them gifts, although sometimes go beyond their means (exile of Saturn). The aspiration to power and stability (fall of Uranus) is the most obvious feature of the Lion, both at work and in relationships. When an obstruction prevents him from achieving its ambitious goals or not is gratified strikes, it is frustrated and can fall into depression. If the Sun is harmonious with the Moon and Venus are possible happy relationships, beautiful and healthy children, strong families, prestigious situations in the workplace and especially in politics. The Sun dissonant (but in this case difficult aspects must be many) can cause delusions of omnipotence, inability to adapt to the circumstances and inconsistent actions.
The Renaissance astrology associates the heart to this sign, and this union, extended to the cardiac plexus, is confirmed by astrology modern. Those born in this sign are strong, but in the second half of life, if you commit beyond their limits, stress and frustration for not reached position can cause disorders of blood circulation, coronary heart failure and other cardiac disorders. For them is particularly harmful smoke but they lose the habit when they see how disastrous for health.


November 23-December 21
Element: Fire
Quality: Mobile
Planet Jupiter
Color: Purple red
Stone: Turquoise

With the apparent entry of the Sun in Sagittarius begins the winter phase: nature does not stop its course but it is less visible and the seeds underground are preparing to start a life cycle.
Those born in this sign ruled by Jupiter are exuberant, sociable and curious about new contacts. Friendly and optimistic, they are available to social stress, to invitations, to the proposed travel and friendship. Their interests are vast but what they seek is the evolutionary adventure that constitutes the essence of their existence.
Choose friends to the next level: more educated, wealthier and more famous. Even in love do the same. To progress bind to people who feel able to help them. Their innocence, however, can reach out to them a trap. Sometimes, they let themselves be dazzled by appearances but then there are bad when you realize they have put their trust or love to persons other than they seemed. The Mercury exile clearly indicates the limit of which must be aware if they want to avoid repeated disappointments.
Good friends on whom you can rely, exhilarating lovers for optimism that know how to communicate to partners are often the real “gourmand”. The curiosity for different people predisposes them to travel to distant countries, languages, in relationships of friendship and love with foreigners and the choice of residences abroad. For these characteristics are taken for diplomacy.
The government of Jupiter, the god of power and spirituality, helps them to realize in politics or in the priesthood, in the public administration felt as a tool for civil aid to citizens, in teaching and in financial assets. The Renaissance astrology assigns to this sign the hip government that is exposed to arthritis and related disorders, such as sciatica and the like. Modern astrology associates this sign also to the liver, and the tendency to obesity associated with the greediness of Jupiter.

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